Disinfecting and Combating Viruses Like COVID-19

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Stay Safe and Healthy with Professional COVID Cleaning Syracuse Services

Under typical conditions, most people don't consider having a disinfecting service completed at their office, business or school. When a significant change occurs, such as Covid-19, or a bad flu season affects a school or office, CNY Cleaning Solutions is there to help and provide commercial disinfecting services. Unfortunately, these are no longer typical conditions as the concern about the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has riveted the world. 

Disinfectant Cleaning Services In Syracuse, NY


With an increase in requests for disinfecting services across Upstate New York in recent weeks, CNY Cleaning Solutions is here to meet the demand. CNY Cleaning Solutions is equipped with the latest technology in disinfecting chemical equipment.


Stay Safe and Healthy with Professional Covid Cleaning Syracuse Services


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The Advantages Of Disinfectant Spraying


  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as influenza, Covid-19, MRSA and many others.
  • Applies chemicals in a more efficient, controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse.
  • Prevents costly financial burdens associated with communicable viruses.



Electrostatic sprayers are often highly ineffective because the positively charged product coming out of the spray gun is not heading towards a negatively charged surface. Without the two polar opposites, attraction does not occur.  They also don’t put out enough product to wet the surface efficiently reducing the productivity compared to spraying.  


As for Foggers, the particles are too small and stay airborne, in some cases, indefinitely. This is a safety issue for the operator potentially inhaling the disinfectant.  The product also never settles to the surface in the right quantities to get effective kill claims. 


Get COVID-19 cleaning support from the pros. CNY Cleaning Solutions offers deep cleaning services, sanitation services, and disinfection services that fit your needs and budget.

  • Corporate
  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities
  • K–12 Schools & Universities
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Houses of Worship
  • Clean Rooms & R&D Facilities
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Industrial
  • Aircraft and Hanger
  • Senior Care Living
  • Recreation Centers and Gyms
  • Dental Offices
  • Hotels
  • Government Buildings
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Vans
  • School Buses
  • Condo's
  • Home's
  • Apartment's
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Gyms
  • Gymnasiums


Is Disinfectant Spraying Right For My Business?


If your building contains rooms or areas that are susceptible to viruses and germs, then yes, disinfectant spray cleaning is the best option for cleaning all the surfaces and equipment in your business. Although disinfectant spraying may sound like an aggressive method for regular commercial cleaning applications, the opposite is true. This service is intended as an additional service to your routine cleaning program.


We offer residential and commercial coronavirus cleaning services for any space.


CNY Cleaning Solutions is here to provide disinfectant services for any facility. Our expertise and tools have allowed CNY Cleaning Solutions to meet the demand and we are ready to help your business during these unique times. 


CNY Cleaning Solutions is proud to be your partner in helping keep your workplaces clean and safe and you and your employees healthy. We look forward to working with you.


Please feel free to contact us by email at info@cnycleaningsolutions.com or by telephone at 315.254.7336.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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